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The 3D Animation Industry

What do 3D Animators do?
Animation is not just for cartoons anymore! In this age of digital technology, 3D animators are behind many of the landscapes and characters that comprise online and broadcast media. Animation is increasingly being incorporated into other technologies and non-entertainment industries. 

From video games to websites to flight simulators, 3D animators expertly transform concepts into 3-dimensional creations for entertainment, education and advertising. 

The demand for these artists is on the rise! 

Future Outlook
The field of 3D animation has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and will continue to do so as technology advances. Career options will expand as animation techniques are employed in more and more sectors for creating sophisticated websites, advertising, online applications, films, games, and research tools.

The job outlook for 3D Animation is very good and graduates of this in-demand field will have a diverse range of professions to choose from. 

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Career Options 
It's hard to find a sector that hasn’t been touched by animation. As a result, 3D animators are able to find work in a wide variety of careers.

3D animators find great success in: 

  • Computer and console game development
  • Television programming
  • Internet animation
  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Research
  • Military and corporate training 

3D animators can also train for specialized jobs within each of the animation sectors such as: 

  • Story artists
  • Layout or background artists
  • Presentation animators
  • Texture and lighting specialists
  • Educational process animators
  • Production designers 
In just ONE year at Herzing, you will learn the skills for a career in a number of cutting-edge fields:

Video Game modeling
Film Effects
Television Animation
Creative Advertising
and More!

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