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3D Animation

The gaming and film industries have created a tremendous demand for 3D Animation artists. If you’ve ever considered working in this exciting field, NOW is the time!

3D Animation has recently taken many strides and advances within our entertainment industry. Canadian Gaming companies like EA Games, are working on the latest and greatest Game titles from NHL 2009 to the new Tiger Woods 2009. Pixar Animation has created some of the best animated movies of our time and continues to lead the way with movies such as ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Ratatoullie’.

This one-year college diploma includes a one-month internship to gain work experience. The 3D industry (feature film and gaming) is a rapidly growing field full of excitement and challenges that requires skilled artists on an ongoing basis.

At Herzing, you are introduced to what companies are searching for in talented artists. We use Maya which is an industry leading 3D program that has been used in some of the most famous feature films of all time such as "The Lord of the Rings".

This one-year college diploma includes a one-month internship to gain work experience.

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instructor profile: Lee Murray

Coming from Sydney, Australia, Lee Murray has joined Herzing College Toronto as the main 3D Animation Instructor. He began his 3D career back in the late 20th century and has since worked on Animated Television shows, Game Cutscenes, Advertisements for Television and received name credit recognition in the Australian Animated Feature film called ‘The Magic Pudding Movie’.

His work in Toronto includes Animation credits for a Television show created at C.O.R.E Animation called ‘Urban Vermin’. During his time in Australia, Lee worked as a Motion Capture Actor and Animator for ‘The Darkness’ video game and ‘Justice Heroes’ video game.

Lee has come on board at Herzing and has challenged the many students wanting to learn this exciting course, attempting to bring out both the technical and creative sides of them. His extensive practical experience within the industry, his caring teaching style and many years of instructing makes him a valued asset for the 3D students.

In his downtime, Lee can also be found working his 3D skills in trying to complete a complex animated short film. His creative goals are not limited to teaching, and he hopes to add a few short film festival awards to his belt in the coming years.

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